Jesus on the cross St Marys Church
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Remembrance Tree in St. Mary’s Church

When the leaves have fallen to the ground their absence leaves a stark void and the tree appears bare and lifeless. When our loved ones die, they leave a painful void in our hearts and our lives. In our grief, all may seem lost.
The starkness of the bare tree reflects the pain, emptiness and loss that many in our midst experience at this time. The names of our loved ones who have died over the past year rest among the bare branches of our Remembrance Tree. They have gone before us but they are not forgotten. The names of those whom we have inscribed on our parish List of the Dead rest among the fallen leaves beneath the tree.
Within the tree the promise of new growth is hidden from view, the dormant buds on every branch are already preparing to emerge and begin the new cycle of life as the long winter turns to spring.



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